A perfect balance between functionality, design and quality. The different sizes vary between 100, 250 and 500 ml Midollini (sticks), Recharge and Ambience Spray. The refined line of wood plays with tones of colours and formats. Perfecto decorates and enriches every ambience releasing unique and exclusive perfumes.

Fresh and modern, Cubico promotes the big formats. The line plays on a 1 liter and 2,5 liter volumes and on a glass of 50, 100, 250 and 500 ml. This line enriches the big ambiences with simplicity and elegance. It is totally customisable and it adapts to every need.

200 ml classic, 200 ml aromatic herbs, 500 ml + gift box:
The line offers a 200 ml Rattan sticks format in 6 different fragrances. A 200 ml format dedicated to three fresh aromatic herbs. An exclusive 500 ml gift idea line or in a 125 ml Rattan sticks gift box version + 150 ml refill in 4 curious olfactory combinations.

Characterised by a discrete and essential design, Linea 35 focuses on a special range of olfactory nuances evoking dreams and distant places. It is proposed in 200 and 500 ml formats Midollino (sticks), Recharges and Textile Spray.

A play of colours and fragrances surrounded by a basic and impactful design. Home offers unexpected bouquets with olfactory combinations, contained in a 250 ml format, Recharges and Ambience Spray.

A magical journey around Italy. Apart from letting us travel from one city to another, filling our eyes with art, it walks us to an interesting journey, which captures the essence of the city and reminds us of it. The linea is enriched with new destinations and new interesting fragrances.

Concrete and essential, Zen, in its 100 ml format, encloses in his fragrances the sophistication of a simple but high quality product.